Reconstructed Medieval Arms & Armour

This page is dedicated to a particular branch of experimental archaeology. In due time, I hope this page will develop into an interesting gallery.

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Armour of the 3rd Quarter of the 14th Century

Apart from ordinary civilian breeches, hose and shirt, this suit consists (in order of armouring) of mail cuisses with plate poleyns, plate greaves, aketon/gambeson, mail shirt with 3/4 sleeves, coat of plates and bascinet with Klappvisier.

On the third photo, the plate greaves have been substituted with hardened leather greaves, laced on the inside.

The coat-of-plates is based on armour no. 9 from the mass graves of the Battle of Visby (1361), with the addition of shoulder plates, attachments for chains, and a system of straps and buckles on the back from contemporary coat-of-plates. The bascinet is a replica of a helmet of c. 1370 in the Kantonsmuseum Valeria, in Sitten, Switzerland.

Photo © 1997 Patrik Djurfeldt

German Armour of the late 15th Century

This suit consists of plate legharness, including cuisses, poleyns and greaves (not worn here), gambeson/arming doublet, mail shirt, breastplate and visored sallet.

The whole suit, including sword and dagger, is made by the wearer Peter Johnsson.

Photo © 1998 Patrik Djurfeldt

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