klenamin.jpg (107423 bytes)Mail Shirt from Kungslena.
This rolled-up mail shirt was found somewhere on the slopes of Kungslena Hill. Unfortunately, the exact location is unknown. The roll is c. 34 cm long and 17 cm in diameter. It weighs 15.3 kg. The rings are "nut shaped" and have an outer diameter of 11 mm. Because of the type of rings used and the finding-place,  it has been suggested that the shirt might be connected with the Battle of Kungslena in 1208. Apparently the only preserved mail shirt from the High Middle Ages, it might contain important information on the design of mail coifs, ventails and mufflers. No decision has been made to unroll it. (Statens Historiska Museum, Stockholm, SHM 2677; Photo Statens Historiska Museum)

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