Södra Råda Old Church
c. 1310 - 12 November 2001

The Old Church at Södra Råda, now burnt to the ground, in what appears to be arson, was one of the few surviving medieval timber churches in Sweden. It was built in c. 1310, and had undergone only minor alterations, such as changes in the placement and size of windows and doorways, and the addition of the west porch in the 17th century. The vaulting was the only remaining of its kind in Sweden. The medieval paintings had survived, and covered the walls and ceiling. In addition, inscriptions in the chancel and nave showed when they were executed. Stylistically, the chancel paintings, from 1323, were strongly influenced by French high Gothic art, particularly manuscript illumination. The scene above illustrates the martyrdom of St. Hypolitus. In the nave, the paintings by "Amund" from 1494 (above), comprised around 130 subjects. Although the paintings at Södra Råda were the only ones signed by him, many paintings in Västergötland, Östergötland and Småland may be attributed to him or his school.
The medieval objects lost in the church include a 13th century baptismal font, a late 13th century Madonna, a processional crucifix of c. 1300, and a rood, dating from the middle or latter part of the14th century.


Photo 1999 Patrik Djurfeldt

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