h17530A2.jpg (22646 bytes)Mail Coif from Korsbetningen (Gotlands Fornsal, Inv. no. 17530:A2).
Like the rest of the coifs it consists of horizontal rows of rings originating from a single, central ring at the top of the head. In this case, seven rings were attached to the (now lost) central ring. By means of extra "idle rings" in the mail weave the circumference of the coif steadily increases to about 80 rings above the eyes. It appears to be of a type often illustrated in contemporary Swedish sources, with a rectangular flap hanging down at the front and back leaving most of the shoulders unprotected. There are traces of a textile lining. (Photo © Antikvarisk-topografiska arkivet, Stockholm)
sraada1r.jpg (16786 bytes)Detail of a painting from 1323 illustrating the martyrdom of St. Hippolytus. The soldier on the left is wearing a mail coif similar to those found in the Korsbetningen mass graves. His kettle hat appears to be made of sections like a helmet found in Norway in 1898, now in the Museum of National Antiquities, Stockholm. Note the coat of plates worn by his companion. (Södra Råda Church, Värmland, Sweden)

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