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The latest additions and significant updates on my website.

Website moved to this new address (11 July 2006)
Back side picture of reconstructed 14th c. armour (27 June 2004)
A page dedicated to the Old Church at Södra Råda, in Värmland, Sweden, burnt down on 12 November 2001 (13 November 2001)
A paper by Tommy Hellman, "Ringbrynjehuvor från massgravarna vid Korsbetningen", on the construction of the mail coifs found in the mass graves from the battle of Visby 1361 (24 May 2001)
Swedish version of Recent Changes page (23 November 2000)
Picture of winch of my own trébuchet under construction (23 November 2000)
Swedish version of Coat-of-Plates page (29 September 2000)
Swedish version of Personal Page (23 September 2000)
Swedish version of Unique Artefacts page (20 September 2000)
Swedish version of Reconstructed Medieval Armour page (20 September 2000)
Swedish versions of Index and Medieval Mechanical Artillery pages (19 September 2000)
Video of the Visby Trébuchet and Eketorp Engine (15 March 2000)

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